Patriarch city

In 2014 the town Sergiev Posad will celebrate the seven hundredth anniversary of Saint Sergius, the founder of one of the most historically important monasteries of Russia, The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A major restoration of the monastery is planned for this occasion.
Parallel to the restoration, surrounding territories will be renovated and a ‘cultural sanctuary’ created within walking distance of the monastery, weaved into the existing city structure.
As a continually growing town, Sergiev Posad will need to revise its infrastructure in the near future.

The proposal was to take advantage of the celebration to approach the question of infrastructure, before it becomes critical.
Gradual development of the town, one of the most prolific spiritual centres in Russia, would prepare a positive environment for new generations. The historic and cultural context, a well developed social structure, quality housing, good ecological conditions, all this would make the Patriarch city unique. A town with an attractive contemporary architecture, carefully preserved heritage sites, and scenic surrounding landscapes would appeal not only to visitors, but home buyers.

Three parts of the city will create a balance between its cultural and commercial constituents. The city’s cultural hub will be located directly next to the monastery. A new approach to spatial organization would create a more positive image for the church, open to new generations. A university, library, museum, and town hall located within the cultural centre will highlight the educational role of the church.

Architecture: Olga Treivas
Client: OPIN Development Group
Status: Concept
Year: 2010-2011

  • It would become a unique centre for the study of history, the traditions of Orthodoxy, and national arts and crafts

  • A new approach to spatial organization would create a more positive image for the church, open to new generations

  • The business district will provide work for the inhabitants of Sergiev Passad, which will expand with new suburbs. The aim is to gradually enable the town to be autonomous from the capital, freeing its inhabitants from the need to travel to Moscow for earnings

  • Picturesque living areas with well-developped infrastructure set new standards to the following elopement of the whole city of Sergiev Posad