The city centre expands with time. The outskirts become gentrified, making real estate in these locations more attractive.Five storey government housing, known as the Khruschevkas, unexpectedly find themselves amidst a prestigious area, and are destined for demolition.Comparing the sense of space within a suburb of five storey blocks, and one among 16 storey towers, many would agree that it is more pleasant among lower buildings, in a greener suburb. By simply reconfiguring the plan of a typical Khruschevka, new apartments could be created, while maintaining the historical fabric of the city.

Architecture: Olga Treivas
Client: Project Baltia
Status: Concept
Year: 2009

  • The Khruschev block is an unlikely masterpiece of modernism.As it is transformed from slum to palazzo, the Khrushveka reaffirms its place in architectural history, it is canonized