Le Corbusier | Poem of the Right Angle

The exhibition ‘Le Corbusier-architect of the book» at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre launched the museum’s temporary exhibition space.

The exhibition presented Le poème de l’angle droit (Poem of the right angle), written and designed by Le Corbusier in 1955, considered to be an outstanding example of the Livre d’Artiste genre. The structure of the exhibition was dictated by the structure of the poem, outlined by the architect on the opening page. A rigid arrangement of walls formed a composition centralized within the exhibition space, juxtaposed by a semi circular partition, which concealed a projection room with a film about the architect.

Architecture: Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Polina Dudkina
Client: Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Curator: Boris Fridman, Maria Nasimova
Status: Completed
Location: Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Area: 600 m2
Photography: Asya Baranova

  • Collector Boris Fridman became the exhibition curator

  • It took 6 years for Le Corbusier to create “Poem of the Right Angle