Emmanuil Yevzerikhin.Photographs that did not exist.

Emmanuil Noevich Yevzerikhin was one of the masters of soviet photography.
The exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre consisted of two parts; lesser known photographs taken in 1957, 1960 and 1965 in Moscow’s Choral Synagogue, and Yevzerikhin’s famous works, known to many who lived in Soviet Moscow.
The exhibition was located in a side passage of the museum. The aim was to intrigue and lure visitors away from the main exhibition
In order to fit all the photographs within a relatively short and narrow passage, they were hung sideways in a tight row, using a system of counterweights. The visitor had to pull a frame down in order to see a photograph, as if extracting a desired article from a suspended archive. ‘Hiding’ the photographs from full view generated curiosity and desire to uncover and study each element in more detail.

Architecture: Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Anna Martsenko, Vlada Rodionova
Client: Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Curator: Maria Nasimova
Status: Completed
Location: Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Year: 2013
Photography: Asya Baranova

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  • The works of Emmanuil Yevzerikhin reflect over half a century of life in the USSR /p>

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