Best of Russia ’09

The annual national open project BEST OF RUSSIA was organized in 2008 by Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, with support from the Ministry of Culture. Unprecedented in scale, The Best Photographs of Russia was a project that encompassed all regions of the country.

Architecture: Olga Treivas
Client: Contemporary Culture Centre Vinzavod
Curator: Lina Krasnyanskaya
Project status: Completed
Place: Contemporary Culture Centre Vinzavod
Year: 2010

Photography: Olga Treivas

  • Any Russian citizen could take part, be they a professional photographer, or an amateur

  • 25 Statistics: 234 photographs were contributed.
    Ages of participants ranged from 7 to 82 years, coming from 569 different cities.
    A total 71 018 visitors attended the exhibition